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Welcome to The Denwood Clinic

Welcome to The Denwood Clinic

Welcome to The Denwood ClinicWelcome to The Denwood Clinic

About Us

Caring For Your Health using 'Natural Healing TCM Techniques'.


We understand that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind and body are completely healthy. That's why we take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease. 

Acupuncture for Natural Healing


Our goal is to provide alternative medical care that will reverse and prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body medicine. Our results prove the best way to heal the natural body is naturally without pharmaceuticals. 

Our Promise to You


We care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. We are here to help you achieve optimal wellness. 

Highly Qualified and Fully accredited staff

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?


 TCM is a medical diagnostic system involving Acupuncture, physical therapy, herbal medicines,  or  a  combination  of  these techniques.  

Acupuncture for Natural Pain Relief


We specialize in non-narcotic practices in healing pain such as headaches, chronic pain, joint pain, period pain and back pain. We use an array of proven methods such as traditional and trigger point Acupuncture, Cupping, Guasha, Heat Lamp Therapy, Moxa, Osteopathy and rehabilitation exercise advice. Our goal is to treat and relieve your pain permanently instead of using pharmaceuticals for temporary relief. 




Homeopathy treatments seek to locate the root of your health issues and reverse them naturally. Homeopathy can treat many chronic and acute diseases, rather than managing or suppressing them. Our Homeopath, Karen Johnson at 'Nutrition To Go' is able to provide a deeper healing of mental, emotional, and physical complaints. 

You can contact Karen directly via email at: 

 karenjohnson287@hotmail.co.uk or visit www.nutritiontogo.org

alternatively please contact 07974135180.

forever living products available 'In store' at TDC

Aloe Vera Gel 1000ml


Forever's Aloe Vera is certified by the International Aloe Science Council for its purity. 

 This newly packaged drinking gel is as close to the real thing as you can get, boasting 99.7% inner leaf aloe gel.   Aloe is great for SKIN, the IMMUNE system and is an ideal DIGESTIVE AID containing VIT C which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to a normal energy-yielding metabolism.


Aloe Berry Nectar Gel 1000ml


Enjoy all the benefits of pure aloe vera infused with delicious CRANBERRY and APPLE.

Aloe Berry has all the benefits  of the original gel but with the added benefit of a tangy fruit taste.


Aloe Peaches Gel 1000ml

Enjoy all the benefits of pure aloe vera enhanced with natural peach puree and vitamin C.

Enjoy all the benefits of pure aloe vera enhanced with PEACH puree and vitamin C.  

A fruity, refreshing digestive aid that helps support the immune system.


Forever Freedom Orange Flavour Gel 1000ml


All the benefits of the original plain aloe vera gel but with added GLUCOSAMINE, CHONDROITIN and MSM - popular with those who lead an active lifestyle.


Forever Pomesteen Power 473ml Aloe Gel


An antioxidant aloe gel boasting many fruits including, Pomegranate, Mangosteen, Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry and Grapeseed extract.

POMESTEEN POWER boasts the antioxidant Vitamin C which contributes to the protection of cells from 'Oxidative Stress'.


Forever Bright Toothgel 130g


A NON-FLUORIDE formula created for the whole family - including PETS!

Formulated with with the highest quality ingredients including aloe vera and 'Bee Propolis', this fresh minty tasting toothgel will leave your mouth refreshed and your teeth clean.  This toothgel is also suitable for VEGETARIANS since it contains NO animal by-products.


Forever Travel Kit (5 Products)


The Forever Travel Kit includes*

  • Aloe Moisturising Lotion (50ml)
  • x2 Aloe - Jojoba Shampoo (50ml)
  • Aloe - Jojoba Conditioning Rinse (50ml)
  • Forever Bright Toothgel (30g)


Aloe Hand Soap 473ml


Aloe hand soap is formulated from pure 100% stabilised aloe vera gel and natural cleansers.  This paraben free formula with gentle fruit extracts leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.


* A Clinic Favourite *

Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant 92.1g


Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant provides effective, all day protection.

Does not stain clothes.  Contains NO alcohol or harsh aluminium salts usually found in antiperspirant deodorants and can be used to soothe after underarm shaving and waxing.


Aloe Heat Lotion 118ml


Contains heating agents and cooling aloe.  A rich emollient lotion which provides relief from everyday stresses and strains.  Great for warming up before exercise or soothing aches after a workout.  Aloe heat lotion also contains MENTHOL and EUCALYPTUS and is great for a warming massage to help you feel rejuvenated!


Aloe Vera Gelly 118ml


Aloe Vera Gelly is essentially identical to the aloe vera's inner leaf.  The 100% stabilised Aloe Vera Gelly lubricates sensitive tissue safely.  This topical thick gel soothes and calms irritation.


Aloe Lotion 118ml


This finely-textured moisturiser helps to condition your FACE and BODY and contains nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, collagen and elastin to keep the skin smooth and supple.  This softening lotion also includes apricot kernel oil, which locks in moisture and creates a lightweight barrier on the skin.  Aloe Lotion is ideal to soothe dry, irritated skin and to use as an AFTER-SUN lotion.

* Suitable for people prone to dry skin conditions.  Contains Lanolin. *


* A Clinic Favourite *

INFINITE Advanced Hydrating Cleanser 118ml

A cleanser containing  potent, naturally derived ingredients such as apple extract.
* Clinic Favouri

More Forever Products Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

More Aloe Based Products Coming Soon!


Individual Ordering Facility available.  (More details to follow).

Aloe Vera


Discover the benefits of Aloe Vera.  Available in the clinic shop from March 2019!

FLP - Aloe Vera


Interesting Facts!

Don't take our word for it!


Call in to reception for more information - orders taken in clinic.

Meet the team

Acupuncture and TCM Practitioner


Anna Marsden (BSc) Hons.

MBAcCs, FEA Practitioner, CAUK.

Anna graduated from the prestigious 'Northern College of Acupuncture' in York and holds a BSc (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture.  Anna practices BOTH traditional Chinese Acupuncture for general health and Cosmetic Acupuncture as well as 'Cupping', 'Guasha', 'Electro-Acupuncture', 'Heat Lamp Therapy' and 'Moxibustion'. Anna is a fully registered member of the British Acupuncture Council in the UK, (BAcC's).

Tara Lawson Aesthetics


Tara Lawson (BSc) Hons, RN

Tara has been working in the aesthetic industry since 2005. Her journey has seen her go from aesthetic admin, to clinic manager before completing her own nursing qualification where she continues to hold a position in the NHS whilst building on years of product and treatment knowledge in aesthetics - putting extensive experience into practice.   

Tara is a member of ACE (Aesthetic Complications Expert group) and PIAPA (Nursing support group) so you can feel assured you will receive the highest standard of recognised treatment in the industry. 

Tara's aesthetic clinics run weekly. 

 So, whether it be skin treatments, injectables or a consultation on combating the signs of ageing. Contact the clinic reception directly on;

 01302 874928 / 07999 018077 or email us at; denwood.clinic@gmail.com for exclusive clinic dates or more information. 

The Denwood Reception, Clinic Shop and Online Sales team


Our friendly and knowledgeable  clinical and receptionist staff are happy yo answer any questions that you have.  

Don't hesitate to call on: 

01302 874928 / 07999 018077

or email the clinic directly at;


John Goulbourn - Osteopathy


John studied at Oxford Brookes School of Osteopathy in Oxford for 5 years.  He holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Osteopathy.  John also holds a BSc (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  To learn more about the treatments John offers or to book an appointment with John ONE Saturday a month contact RECEPTION directly on 01302 874928 / 07999 018077 or email us at; denwood.clinic@gmail.com

Angela Kehoe - Teeth Whitening


ANGELA currently offers the 'Naturawhite' TEETH WHITENING system and COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE.  To learn more about the treatments Angela offers or to book a MONDAY appointment with Angela contact RECEPTION directly on 01302 874928 / 07999 018077 or email us at; denwood.clinic@gmail.co.uk

Sarah Byfield - Fertility


SARAH is an affiliate of The Denwood Clinic and specialises in all aspects of fertility in conjunction with ACUPUNCTURE.  Sarah has over 18 years experience as a Senior Practitioner and is one of the north's most sought after fertility Acupuncturists.  The Denwood Clinic refer all fertility patients to Sarah whom runs two long standing and highly successful clinics - visit, www.healingpartners.co.uk

 Please CLICK on the link for more information and a FREE referral.

Private Health Care Cover


Private Insurance

The Denwood Clinic Acupuncture Department accepts private health care claims from a number of private health insurers. Some private health care providers are  happy for you to self refer, whilst some may require a letter of referral from your GP or an independent Consultant.  Check with your private health care provider before commencing with any Acupuncture treatments.

Receipts for treatment are issued post treatment at the  time of payment  along with the Practitioner's unique BAcC's registration number.

Please call reception for more details;

01302 874928 or email us directly at;  denwood.clinic@gmail.com


Where are we?

The Denwood Clinic

22B Cooke Street, Bentley, Doncaster, DN5 0DA, United Kingdom

Reception: 01302 874928 Clinic mobile: 07999 018077

Opening Hours

Open today

10:00 – 16:00

AFA Group (Acupuncture for Anxiety).

WEDNESDAY'S 6:30pm - 8pm.

Strictly by appointment only. Contact Reception for more details.

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