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Welcome to The Denwood Clinic

Welcome to The Denwood Clinic

Welcome to The Denwood ClinicWelcome to The Denwood Clinic

Lightfusion Therapy & VITAGE Advanced Antioxidant Skincare

Vitage PhotoFacial Treaments


    The  lightfusion™ LED is a new cost effective way to deliver advanced,  non-invasive photofacials in a matter of minutes. Combined with a  proprietary Hydrogel Mask, the lightfusion™ device leaves your skin  visibly plumper and more radiant after just 1 treatment, simultaneously  stimulating cellular processes beneath the surface of the skin to create  a healthy, long-lasting effect. lightfusion™ uses state of the art LEDs  that deliver specific wavelengths of light to energise skin cells and  encourage fibroblast activity, helping promote collagen and elastin that  are essential for the fight against the ageing process.

Vitage Antioxidant Skincare


The Denwood Clinic are proud to stock VITAGE Antioxidant Skincare.

Please call in clinic to purchase our wide range of skin care products.

Also used in conjunction with our Lightfusion photofacial treatments.


Lightfusion therapy

Proven treatment with visible results!

Improve skin hydration


 Reduce signs of aging, redness and minor skin problems 

Modular for treating different areas  (x3 sections)

Safe, effective, non-invasive therapy 

Treats all skin types, all year round


No side effects, no pain, no downtime 

Quick and simple yet luxurious treatment 

Promotes the body’s own natural healing response

Treatment Price List


Vitage & Lightfusion facial treatments start at JUST £40* with Anna for a 45 minute treatment.

We're happy to discuss tailor made treatment packages - just call reception for more details:

01302 874928

Skin Peels & Lightfusion


PRIORI Skincare & Lightfusion 

at TDC with Tara.

Book your consultation with Tara to experience the benefits of skin peels combined with Lightfusion.

Prices and treatments are created for each individual.

Call the Denwood team on:

01302 874928

Added Benefits...


Effective treatment for:

Acne scarring


Teenage Skin


Large pores

Slow healing wounds

Reduces lines and wrinkles

Facial scars

Cold sore recovery


Sun damage

Plumps the skin

Increases SERATONIN (happy hormone)!

Improves blood circulation

Treats rosacea