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Welcome to The Denwood Clinic

AFA - (acupuncture for anxiety)

Community Group Acupuncture Sessions

Having witnessed the debilitating effects of stress, anxiety and depressive adjustment disorder whilst training for her degree, Anna has dedicated ONE WEDNESDAY EVENING each month  at The Denwood Clinic between 6:30pm - 8pm to cater for small groups of patients who will collectively receive Acupuncture treatments prescribed specifically to treat and help with these conditions.

If you are interested in receiving treatment for STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION or general 'Low Moods' - please contact the clinic during opening hours.

Please note the following;

  • Places are limited to a maximum of 8 patients per group session.

  • The cost is £15 per patient per session.

  • A prior brief 'one to one' consultation with the lead Acupuncturist plus a signed consent form  is required BEFORE attending the AFA group sessions.

  • Regular monthly attendance is suggested to obtain the best outcomes possible.  We suggest that each patient attends at least 4 CONSECUTIVE monthly sessions before deciding to either continue with on-going treatment sessions - or not.

  • Sessions must be reserved alongside a 50% deposit prior to the commencement of each weekly session. The remaining balance is due at the the time of treatment. 

  • AFA sessions require the removal of MINIMUM clothing such as shoes and socks.

  • 'Closed group sessions' can be created EXCLUSIVELY for between 6-8 people whom may want to receive treatment collectively amongst fellow work colleagues, close friends or family members.

To be added to the AFA waiting list and to confirm dates for the monthly WEDNESDAY sessions, please contact Reception directly on: 01302 874928 / 07999 018077 or email us at: denwood.clinic@gmail.com